Creating Special Items

Creating special Items

We support various requests such as Costume, Wig , Hair and Makeup, Effects makeup,
Props, TV, PV,MV, Advertisement, and Events.


RINGOMUSUME MV “LOVE & SOLDIER” “JOMON” · 2020.2021 Artist Photo Kobe Harvard Drama Hall Dummy · Dog-shaped Robot KORO · ANIMAREAL “GINTAMA” “Fairy Tale” etc. Program · CM · Stage etc ..


ANIMAREAL “CROWS” etc. · Theme park / Event / Movie /CM · Japanese hairstyle wig , etc ..


Item for Sports shoes advertising , Panel for movie theater promotion, Item for theme park events, Item for stage, etc ..

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress


RINGOMUSUME MV “LOVE & SOLDIER” “JOMON”・ 2020.2021 Artist Photo・onlineLive2020.2021・ RINGOMUSUME ONE-MAN LIVE 2022 “FOURs”、和海TVCM etc…

Effect Make-up

Japan Expo2015 Make-up Demonstration · Dummy for events · Effects makeup for Fashion show · Face paint for events ·Real Face mask『Doublet』Paris Fashion WeekMen’s Collection Fall/Winter 2022/23· etc ..